We Offer you Extra Ordinary Packages

We offer Air Ticketing, Hotel Booking and other extra ordinary packages.

Air Ticketing

We are an accredited Travel agent that sells both local and international air tickets. We work closely with all the airlines providing us with a chance to advice and give our clients the best available rates from different airlines.

Hotel Booking & Accomodation

This is the epitome of any enjoyable safari. After a wild explore, a drive to the park or a boat riding in the shores of beach, nothing soothes more like a good comfortable sleep. That’s why we have partnered with hotels and Camping Centre’s across East Africa and beyond to give you a wide range of choices to make.

We have carefully selected the best accomodation Center’s where staff welcomes you with a smile and makes you feel at home miles away. All this we do ensuring you enjoy the best of rates as our partner’s values you like we do.

We at Bush and Beach tours and safaris beleive a tour is more than just seeing the scenery. It’s all about the whole experience and this business is driven by our mission statement.

Conference Packages

Conference are essential activities for any corporate organization, Saccos or groups. They act as the ideal center for developing ideas and learning from each other (team building). If not well managed, they can be a disaster in waiting and that’t why Bush and Beach have partnered with various hotels and conference centers to offer the best conference packages across East Africa.


Airport Transfers

Landing in a new airport at any time and finding your way to the expected destination can be challenging and hectic. We at Bush and Beach have partnered with different travel agents across the globe to facilitate smooth and reliable transfers from the airport to the hotels.

Safari, Game Drives

It’s in our valuable experience to ensure the smooth arrival to your destination. Be it air, road, sea and that traditional feel of rail transport, we will take care of your travel plans. We will arrange for all the necessary bookings before, during and after the safari.

We offer special game drive packages to various organizations, groups or individual that are fun packed and memorable. Our dedicated team has taken time to know the country and the world thus able to provide well selected safari and game drive packages.

Tourists love exploring and nothing can give you such an experience like flying in a hot air ballon. The view of vast wildlife and nature brings with it a fulfillment that’s worthy a try. Talk to us and we will ensure you have the experience of a life time.


Travel Advisories

At Bush and Beach, we pride ourselves with the most knowledgable, reliable, friendly and experiences consultants.

We listen, evaluate and undertand the needs of our clients and advice with the best of our knowledge to meet all our customer’s expectations and requirements.


Visa Processing

At times planning for a trip and getting all the necessary documents as well as meeting the legal requirements for different countries can be tasking and time consuming.

This is why we have setup within our company a team of experts to handle Visa processing for all our clients.

Over time, we have established a working close relationship within various embassies across the country. This ensures that our clients Visas have met all requirements within the shortest time possible once the client has met all the requirements as per the country of visit regulations.

  • Picking and Dropping passengers from Airport 100%
  • Hotel Booking 99%
  • Tour and Travel Adventures 100%

The Outcomes Were Amazing

After offering services to our clients, we have a norm of listening to their feedbacks. To our surprise, 99.99% really did enjoy the services that we rendered to them. Some clients give up their feedback from our contact us page, others in our social media pages.Try us and you will never regret!!!

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